Golden lanes of sandy beaches in and around the village, all easily accessible but yet , you never get the feeling of being crowded in. The main village beach is at its most active at the harbour end, where cafes front the golden sand. The other end is more tranquil if this is your taste. To the east is Liegoammos (“little sand”), a small, cove-shaped beach and further still is the bigger Loutsa beach. Both are more easily reached by car. To the west is Makriammos (“wide sand”), a 4km stretch of perfection. It is also known as Anemomilos. This is a suitable name too (it means ‘windmill’) as it is famed for its consistent winds and is a favourite hangout for windsurfing enthusiasts. The breeze here usually comes from the northwest i.e from the land. This prevents the sea from becoming choppy. Add to this the fact that all the beaches are initially very shallow and you have a very safe environment for young children to play in.